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Maximising the sales appeal of your outdoor area

With many of us spending more time at home this year, outdoor areas are proving particularly appealing to property buyers.

In fact, Domain recently noted ‘garden’, and ‘patio’ have been among the trending search terms of 2020 as people seek out a slice of the great outdoors to call their own.

So how do you present these areas to best effect and showcase them as features when it comes time to sell?

Tidy and tranquil

If your outdoor area is to be among the selling features of your property, it pays to invest a little time prior to sale to ensure it’s up to par.

In the garden, that means trimming any trees, shaping any hedges, and applying some mulch. You might also want to inject a little colour with annual flowers.  

For areas like patios, decks and courtyards, a little tidy and perhaps some maintenance might be in order.

Decks should be cleaned and oiled, while patios and balconies may benefit from a pressure clean. Meanwhile any paintwork should look fresh and appealing, cracked pavers should be replaced, and any lifting decking should be re-secured.         

A pristine pool

If your outdoor area features a pool, ensure any pool fencing is compliant prior to listing your home for sale, and the pool looks in pristine condition.

Again, this area might require a little maintenance in advance. Cast a critical eye over your pool area, looking for cracked tiles along the pool edge, calcium or other stains on the pool’s internal surface, or decking that needs attention around the pool.

It’s important to remember while pools are often appealing to buyers, if they appear to be in disrepair or look like they might need work, it can raise red flags for a buyer.

A little styling

In order to highlight the value of an outdoor area it’s a great idea to showcase how the space is used via a little styling.

This can be as simple as some well-chosen furniture, potted plants, and a dash of colour, but the aim is to make the area inviting and appealing.

When selecting outdoor furniture, the key is to ensure the furniture fits the space, especially if the outdoor area is on the small side.

When your property is photographed for sales materials, styling might be taken further with the outdoor dining area set as if it’s about to welcome guests, or a towel and book might be placed on a sun lounge overlooking the pool.

As you open your home for inspection, you might also wish to further highlight the outdoor area with things like a well-place fruit bowl or some funky feature plants on the outdoor dining table,

This type of styling allows prospective buyers to imagine what it’s like living in your home and enjoying that prized outdoor space.

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