Everything you need to know about routine inspections.

No matter your rental history, there’s always something equally electrifying yet daunting, about signing and accepting a new residential rental application. Whether it’s the limitless possibilities awaiting, or the beginning of a fresh, new chapter, it’s an exciting time for most.

Fast-forward a few months and those emotions are somewhat dampened by the prospect of a looming routine inspection. For many tenants, routine inspections can be anxiety-inducing events due to such uncertainty and confusion regarding expectations and intentions.

Thankfully, there are a few ways of decreasing your stress levels and assuring your inspection runs as smoothly as possible.

What is a routine inspection?

Routine inspections are a visual inspection carried out by your property manager on behalf of the landlord, to ensure the tenants are abiding by the conditions outlined in their lease, whilst also assuring there are no urgent maintenance issues required.

The property manager will visually confirm the property has been cared for and respected during the time of occupancy. And whilst the property manager appreciates the property is someone’s home, a sterile environment isn’t required. A clean and tidy home helps confirm the pride the tenant has for the property.

Often carried out a handful of times a year, routine inspections are a staple across rental agreements, nationally. Depending on your state of residence, these inspections can fluctuate between once a month (in SA), through to once every six months (VIC), so it’s best to confirm the frequency with your respective property manager at the time of approval.

What’s required by you?

Presenting a clean, tidy, and neat property for the routine inspection is one of the most important elements to ensuring a smooth inspection process. To achieve this with as little additional stress and disruption to your usual weekly routine, it’s wise to allow as much time to prepare as possible.

If the rental property has a reasonable garden, it’s probably to best to start there, as gardening (although commonly referred to as ‘relaxing’) can be fairly time consuming and fatiguing – especially throughout the warmer months of the year.

Once the garden is neat and tidy, focus on undertaking a thorough clean throughout the kitchen and bathroom, concentrating on the removal of grim build up and all the ugly stuff that can suddenly show up! A good wipe down of all surfaces, mirrors and glass will also do wonders, whilst a vacuum throughout the entire house, along with a tidy up are almost a given.

Keep in mind, presenting a tidy, fresh, and clean home for a routine inspection is not only going to promote a hiccup-free appointment, yet will encourage a prosperous relationship with your landlord and property manager; an important element if you wish to adjust/change your lease in the future.

How we can help

Routine inspections have been part of the realm of rentals for decades, yet for many tenants still provide a stress and anxiety inducing reaction, mainly due to the uncertainty surrounding the requirement as the occupant.

For the most part, where there is no property damage and no maintenance requirements/requests, a rental inspection usually spans no longer than ten minutes and is over before it’s even begun.

If you have questions concerning a future routine inspection, or you are ready to lease an investment property, our Eview Group Proud Member property managers are experienced and well versed in all situations, and would be happy to confidentially discuss your own individual circumstances.